A Day in the Life of a Psychic


8am Monday morning. This morning I woke up feeling unsettled from a dream I had. In my dream, I was wearing a white wedding dress but it had a black veil.

Like most mornings, I tuned in psychically to decipher the meaning of my dreams. Here’s what I do.

First, I review the contents of the dream itself and hold the image and feeling of each person or symbol. Often time, something will come to me. If not, I go to my Spirit Guides and ask them what it means.

Dreams have been a good source of guidance for my own personal development. They let me know where I am emotionally and mentally with certain issues I’m working on.

But I had to get moving. 11am Mississauga house clearing is my first psychic work. I park in the driveway and as soon as I step out of the car I feel how wonky the energy is. The front yard happens to have a big generator on it and I suspect that is the source of what I’m feeling.

Inside I set to work right away, going through and feeling where old residual energy exists, where stagnant energy needs to be lifted, and noting where there are actual spirits hanging out.

The basement is full. Yes, it’s full of drywall as it’s in the process of being finished. It’s also full of spirits. Clear the energy, cross the spirits, and move on.

Upstairs is not bad. A couple of rooms with nice energy. Some left over energy from the previous owners. One last spirit in the master bedroom – a male who stands in the corner and then starts to follow me around.

This one needed a little help. Eventually he stepps into the light, and the bedroom instantly feels much calmer. The current owner looks forward to meditating there now.

12pm and after a brief conversation with my client about training her daughter to speak with her spirit guides, I return to my office.

2pm I have a client scheduled for a psychic reading. This is the second time I’m seeing her and we are following up on some information that came through. Her energy was so low the first time I met her. I quickly saw that she had taken on a lot of her mother’s energy and it was like an extra energetic burden.

I love my clients – especially the ones who are willing to work with me to help them shift. It was only three days later and here she was, a different person. Her energy is clear and bright – even her face looks different. The shift is amazing.

We focus on relationships, get some guidance on her career path, and the half hour zooms by.

2:45pm and I rest. I know I’ll be working for four hours tonight at a party. Psychic work is not like “regular” work for me. Aligning myself with higher vibrational energy and opening up to receive messages can be tiring. So I have to make sure I take care of myself so I’m the best I can be for my clients.

4:30pm and I’m out the door. On a crowded subway en route to my destination, I’m well aware of everyone’s energy. One person in particular has energy that I don’t resonate with, so I use some mind power through mental imagery to shield myself. Ahhh, feels better.

When I arrive, I set up in their basement. Everyone has similar concerns – work, the people they love, and finances. And almost everyone has a spirit from the other side that pops in to say hi and give a message. It’s a delightful evening.

10pm Out the door and back home. Soon I’ll be back in dreamland. I’m grateful for all the opportunities I had this day.

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3 Responses to A Day in the Life of a Psychic

  1. J. says:

    Hello selina, I love your blog!!! you are fantastic.

  2. Marlena says:

    Hey Selina,
    I loved reading this day in a life. Being a psychic sounds equal parts exhausting and exciting, well sounds like more fun and excitement than exhaustion. xo I hope you are both very well.

  3. Apsara says:

    I loved reading this peace of your day it was very good.It grabed my attention soo much.

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