Hearing Spirit Voices When Falling Asleep

hearing spirit voices

Henry Meynell Rheam - Sleeping Beauty - courtesy Wikimedia Commons

There is a magical time between awake and sleep where it’s possible to hear voices of spirits out loud. If you have been in that drowsy almost asleep state and heard a voice when no one is there, it’s likely that you are tapping into the vibrational level of spirit.

This has happened to me a few times. It always intrigues me when it does. The last time it happened, I heard whispering. The time before that, I heard a woman say a man’s name – “Lawrence”.

I noticed that it started to happen more frequently after I began practicing an alchemical breathing technique before I fell asleep. If you would like to tap into this phenomena, I suggest you try it and see what happens.

I read about this technique in Catherine MacCoun’s book, On Becoming an Alchemist: A Guide for the Modern Magician. It’s a book that will help you rethink the way you relate to the world.

Each chapter comes with exercises and interesting discussions. The breathing technique surprised me in its simplicity. However, it proved to be effective. Here’s how it goes.

Relax so that your out breath and in breath are relatively the same length.

Breathe in and don’t focus on anything in particular.

Breathe out focusing on your exhalation.


I breathe in and out from my nose.

As I was falling asleep, I didn’t notice who had said the name. She didn’t feel like family, and I don’t have a Lawrence in my lineage. My feeling is that this is a guide.

She could have also have been a drop-in – someone who was attracted to the light I was creating through this exercise and my intention of wanting to connect to Divine Energy.

When I was reading Catherine MacCoun’s book, I did several of the exercises for a few weeks. I also tried to reorganize my thinking about time, cause and effect. As this went on, I noticed that there was a lot of energy built up around my bed.

It was during this time that I was experiencing more and more physical psychic phenomena. Feeling as if I was floating. Hearing spirit audibly. Seeing through my eyelids.

For me, I love this stuff. I work at something all the time to keep myself growing and learning.

All was good until we had overnight guests and we gave up our bed to a visiting Medium. After he was gone, I noticed the energy that I had built up was gone too! The lovely energy that made it easy to connect to spirit dimensions!

I found out that my friend had noticed the energy and had actually seen swirls of it all over my bed. He cleared it because he didn’t want to sleep in it. Grrrr…

If you try this breathing technique, please let me know how it works for you. You may hear spirit voices as you fall asleep or you may psychically perceive other things. I highly recommend Catherine MacCoun’s book. We all could use a little more alchemy in our lives!

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73 Responses to Hearing Spirit Voices When Falling Asleep

  1. Julie says:

    Hi Selina, a few months ago, I had a similar experience. I woke up frozen, and then all of a sudden, I heard whispers and spiritual background. I was so surprised and scared, then I heard a dominant male voice saying hi and asking me how I am. I panicked and then it was gone…. I was frozen and I fell back asleep… :) I sorta wish I had a conversation but I can’t help being scared :(

    • admin says:

      Hi Julie,

      It’s okay, I work with spirit all the time and I still get spooked now and then! I think it’s because I’m not expecting to hear out loud in that dreamy state because I’d love to hear more! It just startles me.

      That and all the horror movies I watched as a kid! LOL!


  2. Barbara says:

    My mother was in the state between sleep and awake for her nap earlier today (as she is suffering from pneumonia) and she heard a female voice say “It’s Time” It startled her so much that she was afraid to go to sleep. Could this mean she is going to die and a spirit or angel was warning her??

    • admin says:

      Usually an Angel or Spirit will not warn someone of a death. It does no good for us to know of our impending death and as they come to us in love and light, they would not likely convey such a message. The only time I know where Angels or Spirits come to those who are close to death is when the person is very ill and suffering and the message is a comfort. Even then, it is not common to receive such a message.

      The message”it’s time” could apply to any number of things in life. Maybe it’s time to heal. I would not make any assumptions about the meaning.

      I wish your mother rest and healing.

      • Claire says:

        May I suggest, for those who fear the very subject of ‘death’, that perhaps they might like to google the free pdf copies of a couple of ebooks by Anthony Borgia, called, “Life in the World Unseen’, followed by, “More About Life in the World Unseen”.

        (They’re free because they’re now public domain, so please avoid any websites trying to fleece you for them!)

        Those two books alone, will quickly help one come to realize that ‘death’ as we tend to think of it, is nothing to fear, and that what awaits one on the other side, is rather surprising – and most delightful – beyond our wildest imaginings.

        They certainly liberated me from silly superstition and untruths I’d been taught. :)

  3. Linda Williams says:

    Hi Selina: I find that I am quite clairaudient, and I frequently hear people calling my name, or I pick up snatches of conversation that make no sense to me. However, the strangest one I tuned into was this harsh male voice in the timbre of an English peasant
    of say, the middle ages, that spoke the phrase ‘Get you gone!’ How would you explain something like that? Do we ever receive snippets of conversation from our own past lives? I believe that our cells hold the residual energy of past lives.
    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Yes I do believe that we can pick up phrases and words from different dimensions and times. But it is also possible that there was a spirit speaking to you or that you happened to “eavesdrop” into the vibration of that particular spirit’s thoughts or conversation.

      On another note, as we live in a holographic universe, every molecule – including our cells – has the entire history of everything in it. Edgar Cayce said that the akashic records are everywhere. So your thought that our cells hold residual energies of past lives would make sense under that premise.

  4. Cg says:

    I am precognitive for years.Clairaudience only happened to me recently.about 2 months ago I was in work and I was stopped on my tracks by what sounded in my ears like a radio being tuned in properly to get a clearer frequency or sound. Muzzy at first then a voice of a couple emerged, a man & a woman who sounded as if they were debating or conversing in a strong manner. It only happened a few seconds then it was gone. Another incident 2 was ago, just before awaking from a dream in a like half asleep half awake mode, I heared children’s voices calling out the name Kyle or kylie in a hurried,worried tone as if this person is in danger.again few seconds then I was awake completely.

  5. Yolanda M says:

    Hi. I also hav ths thng of hearing these voices ryt b4 i doze of. Bt 2day sumthng weirder happened. Jst b4 i dozed off (my eyes wer stl wide open bt i ws half aslp), one of the spirits hit my hand. I imediately ‘woke up’ n was irritated. I felt like saying they had gone too far. Is the touchng part also normal?

    • admin says:

      Hi Yolanda, Yes sometimes spirits do touch us. If it bothers you, tell them to stop and ask you guides to intervene on your behalf so they don’t touch you. Selina

  6. Yolanda M says:

    Thanks Selina.

  7. Awura says:

    Hi a couple of months ago I was really depressed over a bad breakup and I tried committing suicide but God saved me I had also lost my job and everything I was in my room crying and telling God why he lets people take advantage of me I wasn’t asleep or nothing then I heard a female voice say my name and she said to me that it will be ok then it dissaperared I have no idea who it was can you please help me with this one.

    • admin says:

      I see a beautiful being of light, a young woman. Not a family member, but perhaps a guide or an angelic being.

      You are blessed and I am glad that everything is now okay.

  8. Youngkinglover says:

    In my state of dozing off i heard a wisper of two voices one female and a male.my mind was inmediately awake and consient but i couldnt move my body , i was laying on my belly. She exclaimed in a whisper: ay! No! Who is this ( i felt like she was teying to enter my body and in the background she was been pulled back or called by the man voice but i couldnt understand him. I didnt feel scared but trhough my eyelids i saw what resembeled a mayan calendar in black and white or some other similar symbols. Then i said God is my savior! (Because i kind of felt they were gonna take me) and right there and then i took a huge cool inhale air and woke up. Im not scared just very intrigued. Because i do beleive and have seen spirits in the past at the same time my boyfriend saw them so yea no doubt about it. What do u think the demale

  9. monica says:

    It doesn’t happen all the time. when I’m half asleep I hear breathing and a voice speaking in my ear. It dosent make sense. My children wake up scared they hear the same thing. what does it mean? I like to know more?

    • admin says:

      Hi Monica, Sometimes we tap into other realms when are in a receptive state of half asleep. It might be a particular spirit trying to get your attention or it could be like tuning into a radio show while turning the dial and catching a snippet of conversation that doesn’t make sense to you. If all this bothers you, try asking your Spirit Guides, Family in Spirit and/or Archangel Michael to bless the family and house and to let you all sleep restfully and undisturbed. You can do this every night and teach your kids to do it too. However, there is really nothing to be scared of. This happens to many people all over the world.


  10. Augusto says:

    I definitely got something from my mom. From an early age I’d hear things that nobody else did.(and so could she) My mom however, because of religious beliefs, did not want me to entertain this “gift”.
    Now, in my forties, its manifested all over again. Especially if I”m away on business and staying in old hotel rooms. I used to ignore it, but now I feel I’m ready to nurture it further. Thankfully there’s been nothing sinister or threatening so far.

  11. lakeshia says:

    hi im lakeshia. ive been hearing sounds, and conversations right before sleeping as well. i also have “sleep paralysis”. it really frightens me! ive also have been seeing 11 11 often and am feeling like this guy jeremy is my soulmate! i feel connected to him and feel like we are both telepathic with one another. are you feeling that he is my true love as well and im going thru a spiritual awakening??

  12. Meg says:

    I had a experience Saturday night. I heard a woman in her 30 or 40s say hello and it was loud and as if it was right in my ear! I freaked out as I just got comfy in bed and ready to fall asleep. I’m the only female in the home and everyone was sound asleep it was late about 5am as I couldn’t sleep. I got up and stayed awake the rest of the morning and felt uneasy and felt as I was being watched. Pretty sure this was a random visit from spirit and would like to talk but get way to scared of the unknown aspect of it all.

  13. Colleen says:

    I had a similar experience as well just yesterday morning. I sleep during the day because my boyfriend works nights and I like to spend time with him before bed. It was about 10 am when I finally crawled into bed. I always lay awake for about 10 to 15 mins before I’m able to get comfortable and fall asleep. My eyes were partially open when a male figure suddenly shown up in front of our closet on my side of the bed. He was leaning over, his face just inches from mine. I vaguely can tell that he had on blue and red shirt. He was blurry, and I couldn’t tell any facial features. Just as he appeared, he shouted, “Talk to me!” It startled me enough to open my eyes wider and look around. No one was there, except for my boyfriend who was fast asleep. I honestly thought I was dreaming but yet I wasn’t asleep.

    • admin says:

      Hi Colleen,

      Sounds like that spirit was really trying to get your attention by shouting! If he shows up again, you can ask him what he wants and who he is. If you are okay with that :)

      Thanks for sharing your experience!


  14. Kay says:

    I have had this my whole life, but a few nights ago i heard an entire name really clearly :-/

    • admin says:

      Hi Kay,

      Very cool! It would be interesting to google it or see if there is a link for that name to your family or the place where you live. Just an idea!

      Take care,

  15. Nadia says:

    For the past two and a half months I have been having angel visitations. I hear audible voices praying for me and telling me to trust in God. They put images of themselves in my head and once appeared to me as gold and white sparkling light around my eyes. Just two nights ago I was falling asleep and began hearing a conversation that I think I was a apart of. I can not remember what the conversation was about but I do know that the people (two of them I think) who were talking to me were making clear sense of things in my life for me (idk what things) but I know this because I kept saying “that makes so much sense” “I get it now” etc. I then began saying a prayer I have never learned before in my life. Any insight? Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi Nadia,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Yes, you were being given guidance and it is not uncommon for us to forget what transpired once we wake up. When you are in the in-between awake and asleep state, it’s easier for spirit to speak to you. Although your brain is aware and may answer, it’s really being understood on a deeper soul level. So don’t worry if you can’t remember what they said. The messages have been received and your spirit knows.

      Take care,

  16. freya says:

    Ive been googling this subject today after the experience I had last night. I was just settling down to sleep and I heard a male voice call my name as if he knew me. I honestly freaked me out! So I got up put my lamp and tv on and tried to settle down again. This time I heard someone humming a tune but not anything I recognised. I kept saying in my head ” please let me sleep “. Hoping this voice would hear my thoughts?! Eventually I did get some sleep but it really unsettled me. Has something been switched on in me to allow me to “hear” – is this something that i should look further into?

    • sk42na says:

      Hi Freya,

      This may just be an isolated incident. Typically, if you are hearing on the spiritual plane it’s not going to happen every night. It tends to happen once in a while. You tried the right thing in saying to let you sleep. It may help you to try the following:

      See yourself, your loved ones and your place surrounded in beautiful white light. Ask your spirit guides and Archangel Michael to keep you in loving energy and protection so you can sleep well. Then thank them and rest easy!

      Hope this helps!

  17. cindy says:

    Hi, I was between sleeping but not quite dreaming yet, when I heard a male voice in my ear. You’re cruel. I was also at work awake and hearing voices I was also able to hear two male voices talking to each other. What am I???

    • sk42na says:

      Hi Cindy,

      Sounds like you are having clairaudient experiences in that in-between sleep and awake state. I believe that it’s easier to tap into other dimensions when our brain waves are in this state. You are clairaudient which means “clear hearing”. It’s your psychic hearing ability. Some people would also classify that a mediumship ability as you are hearing spirits/entities/beings outside of you.

      In these states of sleep-wake, I think it’s possible to receive communication from other beings (family in spirit, spirit guides, other types of beings like non-human species including Angels, etc) but it’s also possible just to get a blip of another conversation kind of like eavesdropping.


  18. Shavon says:

    I can tell when I’m in the lucid state and often times when this happens I call out the name of this guy I really like and suddenly his face appears clear as day and he’s smiling and I try to conversate with him. Well this morning I was lucid dreaming, called out his name, he appeared for about 2 seconds, and then a female voice called out the name “Catherine”. This female voice was clear and had a soft tone. Could this be an angel? Spirit guide? I’ve also been seeing repetitive numbers on clocks and in my dreams…

    • sk42na says:

      Hi Shavon,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences! Catherine feels like a spirit guide. Sounds like you are opening up spiritually! Repetitive numbers are both a sign and an activation. When I see those numbers it’s a sign for me that I’m in the flow.

      Take care!

  19. robyn hall says:

    A friend told me she was awoken by a male voice saying I love you. A few weeks later she was awoken by a female voice singing a gentle smoothing song in the english. Each time she has woken frightened but unable to move.Can you put some light on this

    • Selina says:

      Hi Robyn,

      Thanks for your comment. As she was unable to move, it may be that she was in the beginning stages of astral travel but had not yet left her body, or, she had been astral traveling and come back to her body but not fully integrated yet and thus could not move. She was likely hearing the voice of family in spirit or spirit guides. They feel loving and not threatening.


  20. Mudit Singh says:

    Hi, I have a similar feeling a couple of times now. First time it happened, for the first few minutes I thought those were my friends talking until I realised that it was 4 in the morning and everyone in the hostel were asleep. Maybe that was when I had woken up(or so I thought. I don’t know. I still like to think it was a bad dream.) and at that moment I was completely frozen. In sheer terror I just listened to those voices as I was shit scared to look up. I quickly glanced a look at my roommate who was asleep and I tried to call his name but I don’t know why but I just couldn’t manage to speak. I tried all I could but I could manage only a brief whisper which was not enough to wake him up. Finally I quit all efforts and just waited for the night to pass.
    I don’t know what’s the reason but this is the first time I am away from home and add to that the tremendous pressure of MBA. I made myself believe that was just a nightmare which happened because of all this pressure. I would like to know more on this. It would be a great help. Thanks.

  21. Nancy says:

    I have experiences of voices waking me up, as if i was being talked to. I wake up and nobody is awake. Happened 3 times last night. At first it was 2 gentlemen talking about me. 1x my name was called and other was my daughters voice saying MOM. I looked around scared. What could this be.

    • Selina says:

      Hi Nancy,

      This happened to one of my girlfriends. She was sleeping and kept hearing her daughter calling her, but when she checked her daughter was sound asleep. Ended up there was a spirit in her house and I cleared it for her. It was just being a bit mischievous. After the clearing, it stopped happening. I feel that for you, it’s just a spirit trying to get your attention. Same thing with the two men. I don’t feel there is anything to worry about. In fact, the one gentleman feels like he is around you every so often like a spirit who works with you.

      If you are scared and you don’t want this to happen, then ask your guides to keep spirits from disturbing your sleep. If you are curious and you want to learn more, then ask your guides to help get whatever message these spirit have for you – if any – or if they are just letting you know they are there, then to make it clear who they are.

      Hope this helps!

      All the best,

  22. LilZebra says:

    Since 2009 I have been meditating alot and speak with my great-grandmother who is my main spirit guide now. I have also spoke with my two future sons, whom I am getting to know their likes and dislikes before they are born.

    All of them I can hear pray with me at the end of the day, also gives me good advice.

    My great grandmother has been encouraging me to get a job again — I’ve been unemployed since 2011.

    My two boys want to help me so that they can enter this world. In 2011 when I entered trance state in a darkened room, I could see them sitting on the floor waving to me and tousling their hair. The eldest (future) son sat atop my bookshelf pointing down at me sitting on my mattress.

  23. lauren says:

    When I was younger ive had someone call my name just before I was falling asleep. And I remember always hearing whispers and going to my dad crying. Ive had other paranormal experiences. But one that I had recently really freaked me out. I was lying in my bed when I heard a loud very clear whisper saying “scare her” nothing happend after that but I was pretty spooked.

    • Selina says:

      Hi Lauren,

      It’s not uncommon to hear your name when there is a spirit trying to communicate with you or letting you know that they are around. It doesn’t happen for every spirit, but many people tell me that their name is one of the first audible clairaudient (outside psychic hearing) things they experience.

      When I have experiences like the one you describe as your most recent one, I usually ask my spirit guides to help me out by taking that spirit to where it needs to go to be happy and fulfill it’s purpose without hurting anyone unless the experience is for my highest good. But that’s what I’m comfortable with.

      You can also ask your spirit guides and angels to only let love and light through while you sleep. Do this before you go to bed.

      All the best!

  24. Justin says:

    Recently in my while half asleep I thought I heard my wife and son speaking but wife was sleeping and son was not in the room. Multiple times I heard this and every time I turned over nothig.
    I asked (in my head) whos there? A voice in front of my face says “me, Justins body, Debbies body. ” Then I was poked in the back by a different voice and my name whispered in my ear. All went away after this as iwas wide awake w/ a racing heart. Any thoughts? Also during all this I sat half way up only to realize my body hadn’t really moved then something pulled me back into my body quickly.

    • Selina says:

      Hi Justin,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. Sounds like you could have been in a half astral state. A racing heart, and body paralysis are some of the typical signs of the start of astral travel. In this state, it’s easier to hear and feel the astral realm. If it bothers you, ask your Spirit Guides to help you to not tap into these things. I like to ask that this only happen if it’s for my highest good in case there is a good reason to experience it that I’m not aware of the time. Hope this helps.


  25. Gabby says:


    Recently when I was in a state between sleeping and waking I heard voices around me but saw no one. I was trying to wake up and I could see my surroundings but couldn’t move my body, this has happened to me before in the past and it is kinda scary. However, I didn’t feel scared this time because I just knew that the voices wouldn’t hurt me. I started to listen to the voices and they were talking about me. A man was saying to a woman how I couldn’t take something back with me because it doesn’t belong in my “realm”. She wanted me to take it in case of anything, I really don’t know, but he told her no that I just couldn’t. He didn’t sound mean or evil he was just saying to this woman how this item didn’t belong in my “realm”. It was really weird, does it mean anything?

    • Selina says:

      Hi Gabby,

      Sounds exactly what you describe it to be. Two people who do not “live” in this dimensional reality that we are in. You may have astral travelled and gained something while doing so which wouldn’t translate into our reality. Both sound like they had your good in mind, but each one had a different opinion.

      Take it for what it is. Sometimes we do tap into conversations that we wouldn’t otherwise have access to because our brain waves are at the right frequency to do so. Thanks for sharing this with us! It is an interesting experience!

      Take care,

  26. Cecelia says:

    Hi there. Last night i woke up to go to the bathroom and then returned and just as i fell asleep it was asif i woke again but i froze, i couldnt move or open my eyes, i just heard like a mix of whispering all around me and all i could remember from what i heard, was: “its a girl!”. Right after that i fell asleep. What was that!!

  27. C. C. Scott says:

    Last night I was doing off on a friend’s couch. I was thinking about string theory and how other smaller dementions are entangled. I heard a woman’s voice say “I heard that!” It was a scream, not a whisper.

    My eyes were open, but I couldn’t move and I felt a presence above me. She started to say my name, and kept telling me to look up. She said she was going to kill me, started laughing and then I could move again and it was over.

    Either I had some misfires with my neurons, or I hit the frequency I’ve been hoping existed

  28. Nicole aguilar says:

    Well ever since I was 14 I have had these episodes of this state where im almost awake Still asleep and have heard voices its happened many times too many to remember but on two occasions I have seen the spirit in my dream and the first time she was yelling at me in my room as I was asleep only I could see her its hard to explain but its almost like a dream only once she stopped yelling at me she threw something off my tv towards me instantly I fully woke up and turned on the light only to see the object on the floor next to my bed I have another time something like that had happened to me but I would like to hear what you all think is going on

    • Selina says:

      Hi Nicole,

      Sounds like you have had some interesting things happen for a while! This particular incident that you describe feels like the female spirit was trying to tell you something but you weren’t able to perceive so she started to yell and use her energy to move objects. She feels a little frustrated but harmless in her energy.

      If you want to try, before you go to bed, ask her to find a way to get the message across to you so you can perceive and understand it. Or you can also ask your spirit guides to get the message to you as well.

      Take care,

  29. Bambi says:

    Hi Selena, I have read a lot of what everybody has experienced here, but nothing quite like what I experienced last night, a d I’m quite puzzled. When I was ready to go to sleep and layed down, I said my prayers and fell asleep quickly but was woken up from deep sleep by a young man’s voice, that said “hey”, the voice was calm and clear and I did not feel anger or felt irritated or anything bad, but no one else was in the house except my roommate, who also heard the voice say hey, and also he was woken up out of deep sleep!
    Is it possible that there are wandering spirits, that try to have conversations with the living? I am a strong believer in God, but also believe that spirits walk among us and so do angels and demons. I just would like to hear to hear your thoughts on this!
    Thank you

    • Selina says:

      Hi Bambi,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Interesting that you both heard the voice. You must both have been open to it in your sleep state. Yes agreed that this spirit feels calm and very nice. I do believe that spirits can exist in many different forms and planes or dimensions. Also I do think that spirits can communicate with us in lots of ways including coming in our dreams and when we are in the astral state, giving us signs in the physical world, sending us impressions and messages through our physical and psychic senses.

      I believe that spirits are never truly “lost” or “wandering” as God always knows where each one of us is. This young man feels like he was just saying hello and would like to help to guide you.

      Thanks for your comment!
      All the best,

  30. Jessica says:

    Hi Selina,

    I posted something yesterday; But I think, I have probably deleted by mistake. First, I want to congratulate you for such an amazing blog! Very informative. And the fact that you are in Canada is AMAZING !!! Secondly, I would like to share some of my experiences with you, to see if I can find some clarity on what I have been experiencing. Since I was a little girl I remember not being able to sleep because I could hear hundreds of voices talking at the same time (men, women, and even children) – the voices were not cruel, or telling me to do anything bad. They will just talk all at the same time. As a member of a ‘very’ Catholic family.. I always thought that it was something evyl and I will be too scare to even talk about it to anyone in my family about this.

    Dreams about predictions of things that will happen (like the Huracan in New Orleands, 2005) have being part of my life, as well as horrible nightmares that stopped a few years ago once I started to work on my spiritual self. Yesterday morning I was half awake when I heard the voices again, hundreds of them.. talking at the same time. I got very scare, but noticed that when I focused I was able to hear more clearly some of them… some voices were stronger than others. There was this man voice that said “help me”.. there was a dim white/blue light on my room where I sleep with my husband. I woke up very agitated; I have never tell my husband about the voices, but I finally told him yesterday. I am not sure if you will be able to help me clarify a little bit my situtation. What do you think all this means?

    Your feedback and comments will be highly appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance ! – Jess. :)

    • Selina says:

      Hi Jessica,

      Thanks for sharing this with us. I know of one other person who described an episode of being able to hear all the voices out there at once. I don’t think it’s common, but I also don’t think it’s odd. It’s interesting to see that you have started to discern how to tune into just one of the voices.

      As you raise your vibrations through your spiritual journey, you will tap into higher levels of energy and hence you may not have predictive dreams that are so destructive in nature. If they return, you can also ask not to receive them if it bothers you.

      You may be opening up to mediumship abilities in a different way than before. Think of a wide receiver picking up all sorts of radio stations all at once. Because of your own work and shifts on the planet, now you are able to hear one voice in the crowd of voices. Some of them come in and out as you refine your own frequencies.

      I have to also include that if you are concerned you should see a mental health practitioner. Even if I don’t feel that this is what’s going on, as I’m not an expert in mental health, I would suggest you consider this.

      However, I do feel that you have gifts as a medium and one day you may choose to work on that.

      All the best,

  31. Jessica says:

    Hi Selina,

    Thank you so very much for your reply! And thank you for having this wonderful space for people to share their experiences. :) I am not really concern about having a mental issue – just a bit concern of what others (who are not aware of a different reality) may think about my experiences. My spiritual path started at a younge age – I went throug lots of difficult experiences in life; I just never understood what the voices meant, so I have to thank you so much for this enlightement. About my dreams, the nightmares stopped a few year ago (thank God!)- Since I can sometimes control my dreams, I was able to learned how to protect myself while dreaming.

    I am definitely interested in working on my spiritual self. Do you have any advice in regards to how to start the mediumship path?

    Wishing you peace, health and happiness,

    • Selina says:

      Hi Jessica,

      There are several ways to approach learning mediumship. If you are in an area to study with a teacher, that is the best way. There is nothing better than having the energy of group to start learning plus you’ll have ongoing support while in the class.

      If you aren’t able to study with someone, you could read and then practice what you’ve learned from books. I know there are several people who have published books on this subject including the how to part. A search on google or amazon will give you some choices.

      In terms of spiritual growth and also for your mediumship abilities, I suggest you start a regular meditation practice. This can be in a group format or sitting by yourself. Meditation makes a difference in psychic and mediumship abilities not to mention spiritual growth in general.

      I teach a workshop series and I also have some students who opt for booking a few sessions with me one-on-one either in person or through skype as they are too far or their schedules don’t work. I always suggest that if someone is able to make the group that they do as they will grow quicker and have a more enriching experience from learning and interacting with others. It also helps to make one feel “normal” by being with others on the same path. Look in your area to see if there are groups or classes.

      I hope this helps you! Take care!


  32. Calico75 says:

    Last night, while asleep, I heard loud and clear “oh, I’m going to die tomorrow. Sorry. I forgot.” In that instant, I went from asleep to wide awake. The voice wasn’t threatening – it was just matter of fact and as if they were letting me down.

    My 5 year old son was in bed next to me and although he was fast asleep, my mind associated the voice with him – the voice was a grown man’s so it didn’t sound like my son. All of this happened around 3am and I didn’t sleep again for the rest of the night as I was worried that it was my son or someone else I love speaking to me and it was a premonition. Ever heard of something like this before or can make any more sense of this than me??? x

    • Selina says:

      Hi Calico75,

      Well that experience would make anyone worry! Especially as you have a young child that you care about and would not want anything to happen to. Two things – one is that this spirit may actually have been someone who was alive and his spirit was astral travelling and you happened to hear his remembering. In that case, this spirit is not necessarily associated with you. Second, many times when we hear things while sleeping it is in a dimension or a frequency that is not associated with our daily waking life and has no direct impact in your life.

      I have had many clients and students have hearing experiences of things that they feel are unsettling because they don’t know the context of it. Try not to let it disturb you and if you want to make your mind more at ease, ask for protection from your guides and angels for you and your family every day. You are already protected as is your son, but sometimes if we feel we need a little extra, it helps us to ask. :)

      Many blessings,

  33. Jessica says:

    Dear Selina,

    I just wanted to thank you one more time for your time and your kind words. I will be out of the country for a few weeks, but once I come back I will definitely look into assisting to one of the workshops you teach. In the meantime, can you please recommend me a name of a book to read about this subject (how to develope the mediumship abilities).

    Wishing you a great rest of the week,

    • Selina says:

      Hi Jessica,

      I don’t know of any books for mediumship offhand that I would recommend. But one other medium I know told me that she got her start after reading Talking to Heaven by James Von Praagh. Maybe start there?


  34. Chelsey Fitch says:

    Hi there. Last night I was in between sleep and being awake and I heard, “How are you”. Earlier that night I had weird flashes of some woman ( I would get flashes of people when I was younger but it hasn’t happened in a long time.) The flashes of the woman made me feel she was in distress and I feel I blocked myself at a young age due to fear and so last night, as I always did instinctively as a child, I covered myself in white light and asked to be protected because I was scared. I woke up many times through out the night and felt an agitated presence. But the last time I woke up I didn’t completely wake up, I was very comfortable and I felt someone saying but not out loud, almost like I ‘felt’ them saying “How are you.” Because of the events that had happened that night I tried to ignore the question even though I heard it loud and clear. Then I felt almost a psychic nudge, like someone nudging me in the arm. And asked me again, and again I ignored it. I was nudged two more times and to just give a reply in my mind I said “I am well” but felt an overpowering urge not to ask back because I had awoke more and was feeling fear again. But also felt like I shouldn’t answer back. I always try to put these moments past me and continue with my life. I am very interested in all things in this world and I just wanted to share because it wont leave my thoughts today. It has been shut off for a while but it all started last night after I had tried to see my own aura for fun but was having a hard time. (I had only been able to a couple times before years ago.) After trying to see my aura all these old feelings came back of not being alone when I am alone, feeling presences, I swear I saw a woman, a little haggard in white by my clients bed and I feel she saw me (I do personal support and can sleep at my job when she sleeps) when I went to the bathroom. Any thoughts? Thanks so much!
    Namaste :)

  35. Kaylee says:

    I’m so relieved to know that I’m not the only one who’s experienced this! It hasn’t happened to me very often. The first time I can remember it happening was when I was 12 or 13 and I was lying in my bed with my 10/11 year old sister on the bunk bed above me. Just barely before I was asleep, I heard a man’s voice (sounded middle-aged) whisper my name really loudly in my ear. It sounded like he was inches from my head. I jerked awake and kinda swung my hands around my head (almost like a reflex). Once awake, I could still hear my mom and dad talking about something random in the livingroom way down the hall. Since then, sometimes I can hear quiet chatter- no distinguishable words- but like the very faint sound of a crowd of people, like a school cafeteria but super faint and sometimes just a bunch of people whispering at the same time. I usually just ignored it and fell asleep. But the one-on-one voice thing happened again. It happened to me again just this last Sunday. I was almost asleep and my sister was reading on the bed above me (yup- same bunk bed but different house since we moved) and when I was about to lose consciousness it sounded like a voice very similar to the first man, but he spoke aloud, though still quietly, “Hi Kaylee!!” and then the voice of an 11-12 year old girl interrupted him saying “Kaylee, Kaylee Hi!!!” in a really fast and excited tone. It sounded like the man was inches away from my head again and the girl was about 5 feet away. It scared the crap out of me! I jerked awake with a gasp and started breathing heavy and looked all around the room and then I asked my sister if she heard anything and she said she didn’t and then I asked if someone said my name and she said that she didn’t and the rest of the house was asleep. I always just brushed this stuff off as my imagination or when I started dreaming before I was fully unconscious or something. I thought I had imagined it and I was just overreacting, but I’ve seen so many other people sharing incredibly similar stories. Now I’m thinking it wasn’t just my imagination, but that I was able to hear voices from a spiritual dimension. I don’t really know what to make of it. I personally believe that the spirit world is here on Earth, but on a different dimensional plane that prevents conscious interaction. Is that realistic?

  36. Aissa says:

    I had a very strange experience as I was going of to sleep a male voice said to me Remember I still love you ?? Was really freaked out by this .have always had a good sixth sense on situations but made me very anxious so I shut myself of from it and sometimes it catches me by surprise .Just not sure if it was dream or spirit but it was so clear like they lent over spoke to me .

  37. Kate says:

    A few years ago, I purchased my current home. Since the very first night I slept there, I have dealt with extremely noisy spirits, a previous occupant that dabbled in “the dark arts” (I found binding sigils, etc), and now most recently I’ve been woken by someone/thing messing with the radio on my alarm clock at 1 am. Just last night, I was woken by someone whisper-shouting “Hey!!” even though my boyfriend slept peacefully beside me. I thought I had rid & cleared my home shortly after I moved in (the phenomena was much scarier then). Things have been peaceful until recently. My boyfriend moved in a few weeks ago. I am wondering…. Who or what is trying to communicate with me? Is it the previous owner (who left this world intentionally) not liking another man in his house? My late husband (who passed the same exact way, not in this house) that doesn’t want me with someone else? Or something more sinister (did I not find and remove all the items of the demonic rituals)? I no longer get an ominous feeling in my home like I used to. I’m hoping things don’t escalate to that point again. Insight from anyone would be very welcome.

  38. octotrot says:

    I hear voices quite a lot in the am hours as I’m getting ready for sleep. My cycle has been off for years I’m usually sleeping 4 am to lunch and the day and night are mine. Not just laying down,waking up but brushing my teeth and eating a snack. Most of the time it forms words from within my ear,sometimes it ambient conversations that aren’t there sometimes its directed to me. Not so much in visual experiences except seeing not human but clearly similar faces in glass,shadows forming and moving but things upon inspection quickly disapear and get written off.

    On rarest occasions its been physical. I was walking into my bathroom after waking up in terror from a sp episode and in the short dark hallway I felt resistance as if I bumped into something. I heard something laugh, it said what sounded like oops,see? and the sensation of being tickled hit me and actually brought me down to the floor laughing for a minute or so.

    I always get weird dreams on active nights. In one instance I was among thousands of refugees in the forest and there was one tree that was so big it covered the range of what the eye could see with a human face in the bark that constantly bled, giant exposed roots that bled. There were hooded attendants serving it and they demanded a sacrifice from everyone in the big herd fleeing something I dont remember but going back was a bad idea. So women were leaving babies between the roots and they got swallowed up in mud and fog, fathers leaving sons, people kneeling to it, people that offered jewelry and money gave offense and the hooded people killed them and it was all foggy,muddy,bloody weirdness that I don’t want to dwell on because the spot it happened on is somewhere I knew from childhood and always gave me fear to pass through in reality minus the people and huge tree of course.

    Anyways I cheated it by putting on my jackets hood and passing myself off as an attendant and rejoining the group and when the weird religion bit was over the attendants were all smiles and kindness and asked everyone what they wanted for the feast. Everyone and I were famished so shouts of steaks and all that. A big open spot with picnic tables. Everyone pigged out but I got a bad feeling and started to sneak off back home.As I turned around everyone eating melted and turned into a redish sap.

    Having reached home I was so tired and hungry I couldn’t make it inside so I laid down under a pecan tree,ate a little, fell asleep there and its roots reached out and strangled me to death. Woke up couldn’t breathe, deep breathing and a cup of coffee.

    I remember all my dreams very clearly and thats a very tame one compared to the sp episode mind breaking reality melders. To me hearing voices means dreams and the more visual/feeling anxious means sp so don’t sleep which of course turns whatever reception to screeching.

    My only certainty is its weird.

  39. angie says:

    Hi, could you shed any light on this, I often here words shouted out in sleep, I often dream of spirits screaming and shouting, I often dream I’m floating around, outside over the sea, fields etc, I feel so peaceful doing this, the other night after family problems I had a restless sleep, I felt like I was asleep bit not relaxed or in a deep sleep, and a man voice shouted relax, it woke me up with a jump

  40. Sarah says:

    Hello Selina,

    I just found your website through a Google search of my ‘symptoms’. My entire life, I have been sensitive to spirits and have seen a couple of them that I know of, possibly more. I am a devout Christian, so for me, this sort of thing (tuning into other realms, etc) is discouraged. My problem is, for the past few months, I have been hearing voices as I fall asleep. I have no family history of Skitzophrenia, although I do suffer from panic and anxiety attacks. Let me backtrack – since I was 4, I would hear my name being said by a woman in a gentle voice as I was falling asleep. After many years, that stopped.

    This past year, I began hearing muted sounds of voices as I was falling asleep, then after a month or two they turned into an audible voice, saying a bunch of gibberish things that made no sense, and then – and now – just before falling asleep, I hear many voices at once, very audibly, as if I’m in a crowded room full of people. I can usually pick out phrases of what they’re saying and some of it scares me, while other portions make me laugh.

    My question is, do you believe these are auditory hallucinations, I am developing Skitzophrenia, or do you think these are spirits? I have to admit, it has made me afraid to go to bed on many occasions. I would have thought my house was perhaps haunted, but we moved two months ago, and its still going on. Any insight would be more than appreciated.

    Thank you!

    • Selina says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Thank you sharing your experiences with us. I am not a doctor so I can’t tell you if this is a mental health issue or not. I can only give you what I know about this from an energetic/spiritual nature. So if you are concerned, I recommend that you seek a professional in the mental health field.

      Here’s what I know from my own experiences and other people who share this type of experience with me. It only tends to happen in that in-between wake and sleep state. This happens for many people who are not mentally unstable.

      It sounds like you may be experiencing clairaudience. That is a psychic ability which means you can “hear” things from the energetic realm – whether from spirits or from energy waves coming from other beings or dimensions. Remember that everything is energy and that information is carried on wave forms / particles. That includes things that we are currently trying to understand from both a spiritual and scientific nature.

      What you are experiencing isn’t unique. There are many people who have had the exact experience as you (myself included). When your mind is in a more receptive state, such as falling asleep or just waking up, it’s easier for you to hear on a psychic level.

      Most people are very open as a child. It makes sense that your ability to do this was more attuned and more open when you were younger. As we get older, our abilities tend to shut down for many different reasons.

      Now that we are experiencing earth changes with the magnetic pole shift, changes in the sun, and other interesting energetic shifts on the planet, I find that more and more people are starting to open up to their natural abilities.

      Just because you can hear this doesn’t mean that there are spirits hanging around your house all the time. In fact, it’s more likely that you are opening up to a particular frequency range and it becomes akin to “eavesdropping” for a few seconds. Sometimes there are messages meant for us , but usually that comes to us as someone speaking directly to us.

      I hope this helps you.

      All the best,

  41. Kelsey says:

    I’ve been experiencing some things that I can relate to with what I have seen in the comments. Recently more since the passing of a close loved one in November I’ve been hearing ringing and the sound of what seems to be wind in my ears. Note all of these experiences happen more when I am either falling asleep but more commonly when I am waking up. I have heard a male voice say hey to me when I was laying down but not sleeping, I have had what I firmly believe to have been a dream visitation from my passed loved one. And a few times I have been able to see through my eyelids, also rarely however it seems like images are being drawn into my mind, one image I deeply believe was aliens. The colours are violet/purple like when these images come to me. Sometimes when I am in a meditative trance my body feels like led and it feels as if I could float out of it, though I have not to my knowledge. Also I have had experiences that felt as if I was sleeping even though I was awake and my body would shake uncontrollably and I would see flashing lights and I said “get out of my room” and when it was over I seen someone in what looked like a black cloak lean over me.I’ve felt like I was having a seizure. Sometimes when I am stressed I start shaking all over and I get intense ringing in my ears. I don’t know if I’m crazy or sick. But I’m glad I’m having similar experiences to others, I feel less alone.

  42. michelle says:

    Hi, tonight as i was falling asleep, i heard a mans voice as clear as day in my ear, and he said, they want you to be wrong, i said who does and then a lady said, there. Any ideas or am i just nuts?

    • Selina says:

      Hi Michelle,

      When you tap into other frequencies that your mind doesn’t usually perceive until you are relaxed and in the almost asleep zone, sometime what you hear may not make sense. We are only getting snippets of a conversation most of the time.

      Sometimes it’s a message to us and other times it’s just like overhearing a conversation that might not be about us.

      A suggestion: Ask your spirit guides (out loud or in your mind) that if there is something important that you didn’t get from that experience, that they make sure they help you get what you need in a clear and positive way if possible.

      Take care!

  43. Misty says:

    I stumbled across this site by chance today and wow, very helpful. All my life I have had things happen to me and I blew it off including hearing and seeing people when I am in that relaxed zone and also asteral travel. I had no clue what these things were and chalked them off as nightmares. I also see a purple flame that I did not ask for but comes when I’m down or sick. I’m confused on a few things, ok.. Maybe a lot. I also have a empath gift and until this year , I did not know what was going on with me. I get a reading with my medium once a year and she picked up on the activity and asked me if I am now seeing things when I am awake. Well, yes I am. She told me I had a gift and it comes from my native ancestors. My grandfather was Native American. Well the thing is, now that I am accepting these things… the more things happen. I was a single mom for the longest and I just didn’t have time and didn’t want to accept these things. Now I am embracing it. Sometimes I still fell nervous in ways like am I going crazy, are these things just in my head. I know my medium picked up on what’s going on with me but I still have that tiny bit of doubt and I am also nervous to tell a lot of people. Even tho my medium went over this with me, it’s like I’m grasping for more confirmation that I’m not nuts! I wonder if anyone else goes through this? I have a lot of experiences besides the waking up/ falling asleep zone. I now see things whe him awake. Is it normal for me to doubt myself? I don’t want to feel this way and I pray constantly, I just wish I knew for sure what was going on with me.

  44. liberty says:

    I had a experience where I thought I was dreaming butt I think i was havinging a out of body..I drove of this cliff here in my hometown. I flew out the car ,I new hoe far I had flown out .landed on hard concrete dirt…it was suicide. The next morning it was in the news paper it happened at 3am same time I woke up from the dream… somehow oil connected to this woman.

  45. Kenni York says:

    Hi Selina,

    I am a little afraid. For months i have been hearing famaliar voices downstairs as i am half asleep upstairs during mid morning when no one is home but me. That doesnt frighten me…what bothers me is that yeaterday i heard an unfamiliar voice in the room with me and it addressed me saying “many may sound like me but there’s only 1 me”…and this morning i heard the distinct sound of my front door unlocking causing me to sit up, panic, and dial 911 before realizing it waa an impossibility bc my alarm hadn’t gone off. I am terrified of these new sounds and voice and what was said….can u give me insight that may minimize my fear. I want to understand…

    • Selina says:

      Hi Kenni,

      Most of the time, we hear these things in that in-between sleep and awake state. It sounds like you are hearing while you are wide awake – is that correct? While not unusual to hear this way, I have had experience myself and some of my clients have too that is not in the in-between state of sleep and awake.

      If it is a spirit, there really is nothing to be afraid of. Most spirits are either helpful, playful, or mischievous in a non-harmful way. It is very rare for a spirit to be mean and even so, they usually are just trying to scare you on purpose as they may not be so highly evolved or they think it’s their space and not yours.

      You can always ask God, your Spirit Guides, your Angels, to help this spirit on it’s way or if there is a message to receive that you get it clearly without being scared.

      All the best to you,

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